HELP - Need to startup a HTTP daemon.

Chu-Peng Cheong (
Fri, 11 Mar 1994 06:04:09 --100

I have converted a set of documents to HTML format, and am trying to
setup a server to test remote access to these files. These files are
now owned and kept under my account.
However, I have not been successful in starting up the httpd server
under my persomal account (which is not super user).

Would someone please point out what is wrong with this setup?
Any pointer would be helpful!

**** The error I got:

<BODY><H1>Error 400</H1>

Invalid request "" (unknown method)</BODY>

[1] Exit -54 httpd -r http_rule.conf

**** The command I run to start the daemon:

httpd -r http_rule.conf &

**** And, the http_rule.conf file is:

map / /usr/ai/felicia/lynx2-2/html2
map /* file:/usr/ai/felicia/lynx2-2/html2/*
pass file:/usr/ai/felicia/lynx2-2/html2/*
fail *

Felicia Cheong