Who is exhibiting on CeBIT 94 fair?

Arnold Bloemer (bloemer@tnt.uni-hannover.de)
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 23:58:19 --100

I am looking for exhibitors on CeBIT 94 fair in Hannover who are
demonstrating advanced internet technology like MBone and World-Wide

During the time of CeBIT fair I will work for the Deutsche Messe AG as
a scientific adviser. One of my jobs is to look around for interesting
new products and write articles with a stronger technical background.
These articles are handed out to the jounalists and shall give them
some hints on where it is worth to look.

I would like to make a special report on Internet services. If you are
presenting such a service or know who does, please send me a short
notice on where to meet you on CeBIT fair.