last-seen & server ability to indicate "Never cache"?

Matt Heffron (
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 20:55:38 --100

Larry Masinter <> asks:

>a) If the server has a file with an EARLIER date, do you want that too?

>From Ari's description of "If-Modified-Since: date" I'd say NO.
return the 304 status code

>b) is the date in GMT?

It better be, or include the offset from GMT.

If we want to do caching well, we also need some way to indicate
that a document should never be cached, e.g. the output from some
scripts will ALWAYS be new documents.  There's no point
cluttering the cache with things that will never be served again.

Matt Heffron

PS. Where is the latest HTTP spec available from?

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