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Wed, 9 Mar 1994 17:25:29 --100

Hello all,

Here at University of Minho, we intend to partially automate
the process of evaluating teaching activities in the University. The
idea is to use the WWW and GOPHER information servers we maintain, in
order to represent the relevant information.

Some of the problems we must face are:

o choosing a structure for convenenientely retrieving the information.
o managing the data-reception templates (what format to use,
what tools to support it).
o How to process the information.
o Producing convenient outputs from the data.
o MOST IMPORTANT, dealing with matters of authority (access
how to allow only certain people to change the information
they are responsible for, that is, how to give them
access to a certain limited portion of the information
space, so that they can modify it.

If you have any information on this (or comments), please mail me
directly to:

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Thanks in advance

Maria Joao Viamonte.

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