Proposal for standard icons/symbols

William M. Perry (
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 10:36:37 --100

>Some time ago there was discussion on this list about defining a set of
>standard icons for things like Gopher types, "home" buttons, etc. The
>discussion didn't reach a conclusion. Below is a proposal. Reactions

I think this is a great start! I just implemented this in my emacs
browser this evening :) For those of you with an image-capable browser,
check out - this is a list of 47
entities and the corresponding graphics from bert's ISO-bitmaps and
Hughes-icons files, plus a few drawn from scratch or taken from the faces
archive at

How about this for a list:

&archive;, &audio;, &binary.document;, &binhex.document;, &caution;,
&clock;, &compressed.document;, &;, &diskette;, &display;,
&document;, &fax;, &filing.cabinet;, &film;, &fixed.disk;, &folder;,
&form;, &ftp;, &glossary;, &home;, ℑ, &index;, &keyboard;, &mail;,
&;, &mail.out;, ↦, &mouse;, &network;, &next;, &notebook;,
&parent;, &previous;, &printer;, &scheduler;, &stop;, &summary;, &symlink;,
&telephone;, &telnet;, &text.document;, &tn3270;, &toc;, &trash;,
&unknown.document;, &uuencoded.document;, &workstation;

-Bill P.