Re: Rules file for CERN server question

Ari Luotonen (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 16:07:48 --100

> I am using CERN's WWW server on a VMS 5.5-2 system with MULTINET 3.2C.
> I am trying to serve documents located in different directories (and disks)
> but I have not been able to figure out the exact syntax for my rules file.
> Or, maybe, what I am trying to do cannot be done.
> Here is the rules file I am using. I have no problem http serving docs under
> the /www/* directory tree. Anything outside this tree, is not getting served.
> # httpd.conf
> # Rules file for my WWW server
> pass / file:/diska/www/welcome.html
> pass /* file:/diska/www/*
> map /ftp/* file:/diska/www/ftp/*
> map /star/* file:/diskb/star/*
> map /opal/* file:/diskc/opal/*
> pass file:/diska/www/ftp/* <-- this works ok
> pass file:/diskb/star/* <-- does not work
> pass file:/diskc/opal/* <-- does not work
> fail *
> htbin /diska/www/htbin

Rules are translated from top to bottom; first matching Pass, Fail, Exec
or HTBin [HTBin is an obsolite form of Exec, but VMS version doesn't have
Exec yet] will terminate rule translations.

In your case you have

pass /* file:/diska/www/*

which will map _everything_ to diska, and pass it, so further rules
are never reached.

Your config file should read:

# httpd.conf
# Rules file for my WWW server
htbin /diska/www/htbin
pass / file:/diska/www/welcome.html
pass /ftp/* file:/diska/www/ftp/*
pass /star/* file:/diskb/star/*
pass /opal/* file:/diskc/opal/*
pass /* file:/diska/www/*
fail *

It's important to have pass /* ... as the last one.


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