Re: Virtual Pages

Dave_Raggett (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 18:46:48 --100

Nikos Drakos writes:

> The same could be done for large HTML documents if there were
> appropriate tags to specify the node structure from within
> one or more physical files.

> Such tags would be useful for HTML editors and conversion packages
> because they could all use the same back-end filter (or rely on a gateway,
> or a server, or a client) to decide how to create (or serve or display)
> each node.

HTML+ includes two relevant tags:

DIV1 to DIV6 these define divisions starting from each header
and may be inferred from the headers alone

LINK used to define inter-node relationships

You can use the DIVs to divide up a large document into divisions
which can then be extracted and built into smaller nodes. The LINK
elements are then useful to specify the relationships between the
resultant nodes.

Dave Raggett