Archie & http, & PC Sound files
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 13:32:06 --100

I have http 1.1 running and have applied c-archie-1.4.1-FIXED.tar.Z
and AA-1.2.tar.Z. Mosaic Windows 2.0 crashes when I try to call the
AA.html document. Is everyone else experiencing this also? Using
Windows 1.0, I can get the simple input, vs form, and it works fine
(when I upgraded to the FIXED version of c-archie...)

Also, I have been working on a way to play sounds back on the PC
without a sound card... (Good luck, huh?) Anyways, I have a pc driver
that will allow me to play back .wav & .au sound files thru the built
in speaker. When I convert a file and call it from Mosaic, I have it
so it will launch sound recorder, but the sound file isn't loaded when
the app pops up. When I download the .wav file to disk, I am able to
manually load and play the sound file. Why won't it just load into
the application and play (Or does anyone know of an App that will...)?

Help appreciated.