Martijn Koster (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 13:22:02 --100

Just to say a public Thank You to Lou Montulli for implementing the
Referer field in the latest Lynx.

I have changed my logging to list Referer (and "From") and I have
changed my logging analyser to maintain an inverse map of pages that
refer to my server, which lets me build up a better picture of my

But more importantly, today it has allowed me to track down a
potentially annoying problem (where people accessed the wrong server)
with a simple grep through my logs. This sort of thing has cost me
hours to find before, and now it cost only seconds.

I hope other User-agents (oh dear, I'm starting to _speak_ HTTP now :-()
implementors will follow his example and don't ignore these simple
basic details in favour of the latest sexy user-interface features.

Looking at the User-agent field is interesting too actually. I've
found 65 different versions of browsers in use, including ones
I've never heard of.

In case you're interested, these files are available on*

-- Martijn
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