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From: Bruce Miller at UCSDLIBRARY
Date: 2/23/94 7:41AM
Subject: FYI: Online Britannica

The Library is participating in the beta test of the Online Britannica, the
networked version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Online Britannica will
be an information resource on InfoPath and is also available via direct access
to the UCSD network. Currently access is available only through workstations
that can support the Mosaic client interface (for Macintosh, PCs with Windows,
and X terminals). Line mode access (for terminals and PCs that emulate
terminals) will be supported shortly.

Development is being done by the EB Advanced Technology Group in La Jolla.
Professor Rik Belew in Computer Science and Engineering is part of the
development team and is using the Online Britannica as a research testbed.
Part of his research will result in direct links between the bibliographic
citations in the Britannica and the bibliographic records in ROGER.

Ronnie Coates is coordinating public implementation for the Library. Get in
touch with her if you have any questions. Training for staff and public
instruction will be developed shortly. Library Systems Department and Academic
Computing Services Office of Network Operations staff are providing technical
support to the Advanced Technology Group. ONO is responsible for campus
support of client software (which includes Mosaic) and can handle questions
regarding access to and use of Mosaic.

-- Bruce Miller