Re: Comments on MIME/SGML

Tim Berners-Lee (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 12:02:13 --100


> 1. We make the following correspondence between the terms of the SGML
> standard and the MIME RFC:

> SGML SYSTEM identifier => MIME Content-ID

I proposed in an earlier note that the SGML SYSTEM identifier
should be a URI and that a special form of URI (cid:) should
be used to specify a content identifier within a MIME
multipart message.

SGM SYSTEM identifier => URI

This allows SGML to reference anything in the universal
syntax, inclusing now URLs and later URNs, and
other parts of a MIME object using the cid: form.
I think this is important, as external references
are important too, and one will need to mix them.

Tim BL