Re: Proxy Servers

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 11:07:44 --100

> Yes. I think that a simple and common case will be that
> anything within a certain single domain will be local access.
> Generally the firewall or the weak link is at a domain boundary,
> to all intents and purposes. One possibility is to force ALL traffic
> outide a domain to use a server, which would need two env variables


> of couse a good default would be to guess that the domain was the
> domain of the gateway server, which would just mean one env variable.
> Another would be to do it separately by URL scheme.


> Any thoughts on this? Kev like to propose something and the code
> as a function of any other comments? I agree we want to keep it
> simple.

> Tim Berners-Lee

Well, I'm sympathetic to keeping it simple, but I think we want some
finer grain control with more information -- even a table of addresses
and protocols might be necessary. How about a configuration file