Style Sheets (was: RE: Indented <MENU>s)

Fisher Mark (
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 10:55:07 --100

Style sheets (as I understand the concept :)) are really needed. Too much
discussion in this list has centered around how to get typographical effects
from a content (not format) oriented language, HTML. Attaching style sheets
to documents would allow authors to get their message across in the format
they intended, while the idea of multiple levels of rendering would let both
Mosaic/Cello/Viola users and Lynx/linemode users view a document without
being confused by typographical errors that are now generated in an effort
to get the typography as correct as the content. As an old-time UNIX
nroff/troff user, one of things I enjoyed about those languages was that
format was separated (at least somewhat) from content by macros -- you
wanted 5x8 manuals instead of 8.5x11, you changed the macros. Let's not
lose the distinction between form and content, but simultaneously let's try
to find a way to help authors (me included!) get the format they want (at
least in most cases :().
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