Re: Re Dan on implementation

Paul (
Thu, 17 Feb 1994 10:16:18 --100


erm correct me if Im missing something here but...

[On marked sections in HTML]
@ >| * No <![foo] .. ]]> marked sections
@ >
@ >I don't care about this, but someone else may. Why forbid them?
@ Because of the processing overhead! They're context-sensitive at
@ least, if not turing-decidable. This means adding thousands of lines
@ of code. And maintaining it...


@ So if you have some SGML documents which are not TGML documents, just
@ run them through sgmls (in batch) and I'll provide a 20-line perl script
@ to output a "super-normalized" version acceptable to a TGML parser.

Am I missing something here :) (erm dont take that too seriously btw,
its been a long hour ploughing through the mailbox so I need some light

Seriously though, can someone explain to me why say YACC couldnt be used
to parse the <!-- --> comments, even if they are split over multiple
lines. I can see it would be hard, but it initially ``looks'' possible.


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