man page for X Mosaic available

Jennifer Myers (
Thu, 17 Feb 1994 01:52:22 --100

In concert with the installation of X Mosaic on the machines in my
department, there was a desire for a locally-resident man page.

I took the text of the User's manual maintained by Alan Braverman
at NCSA, and converted it to standard troff man page form, as well
as make a few minor changes to upgrade it to 2.2.

The man page is 35K and prints on 12 pages of troff-formatted text.

NCSA has done a wonderful job putting together the User's manual. It
is nice, though, to have the information available locally, and in
standard man page format.

I've placed a copy of the man page here:

If you do not maintain a man directory, the procedure for viewing this
file is as follows:

Once you have downloaded the file to your local directory, either
view it from the shell by typing:

nroff -man Mosaic.1 | page

or, print it on a PostScript printer with a command such as the

psroff -man Mosaic.1 | lpr