Possibly useful httpd extension (based on httpd 1.1)

frederick smythe, esquire (jonl@hal.com)
Wed, 16 Feb 1994 22:45:07 --100

I was setting up two http servers, one internal and one external,
and decided that the way I wanted to do the external one was to
have one nfs-mounted partition which our firewall machine mounted
from inside to contain data which users wanted to make available
to people outside. Since I don't have users in /etc/passwd, I
couldn't use the ~user method of things, and I didn't want to have
to keep adding symlinks, or Alias directives everytime a new user
wanted put something up, so I ended up add a HomeOverride variable
in srm.conf, vaguely similar to UserDir.

If HomeOverride is defined, it is used as the directory to expand
the the ~ in ~user to. Ie, specifying

HomeOverride /www-external/users

makes requests for ~user to become /www-external/users/user.

I then set UserDir to DISABLED since i had no need for the
public_html subdir method.

If people think this is more generally useful, I'd be happy to
send Rob my patches to stock 1.1.

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