Re: Problem with "~user/file.html"

Reed Wade (
Wed, 16 Feb 1994 19:00:52 --100

Daniel W. Connolly writes:
>Suppose we leave the normative part of the finger protocol alone,
>but we extend our usage of it so that we interpret what comes back
>as a text/plain body part, unless by some means (e.g. an HTML link)
>we can determine that it should be some other text/* content type.
>Note that what comes back still satisfies the constraints of the
>finger protocol -- we just interpret it a little differently.
>Normal finger clients see some SGML <tags> that they didn't bargain
>for, but I don't see much harm in that.

One solution would be to treat it simply as preformatted html.
That way imbedded tags would be easily dealt with if they occur.

( result of finger lookup )


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