HTTP Server Load

David Kulp (
Wed, 16 Feb 1994 17:45:30 --100


We're about to bring on-line a WWW server which we expect to
be heavily utilized. The production plans include buying a new machine,
but we're not sure about the system load of a high use server.

Currently I'm running a development server (NCSA's httpd) standalone on a
Sparc 10 Model 30 with no problems, but usage is, of course, quite low.
The server is used to perform some heavy-duty database (Sybase) querying.
I suspect that performance problems will be due to the query processes
and not the httpd server itself; nevertheless, server performance is
a concern.

If anyone has any performance stats or anecdotal evidence for memory
requirements, CPU usage, or response time vs connections on Sun machines
I'd be very interested. Direct e-mail replies to

Thanks very much,
-David Kulp.

Genome DataBase
Johns Hopkins Univ