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Tue, 15 Feb 1994 11:29:42 --100

Lou Montulli writes:
| > I think you are thinkinf of the 'Referer:' field. I send this when
| > Bill P.
| One issue I'm not sure of is. What should I send if the user
| types the URL in on the command line or with a "goto" command?
| Probably not sending the field would work, but maybe
| we should be exacting and send something like "User entered"

How about being even more exacting and distinguish bewteen 'User',
'Startup', and 'Search'. As a server admin, I might be interested to
know that a bunch of people like one of my pages so much that s/he
has configured it as their home page (thinking of the 'Internet Starting
Points' type services here). 'Search' may not be necessary because
it can be inferred from the '?' in the URL of the Referer.

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