Re: proxy gateway service announcement/testing

Guenther Fischer (
Thu, 10 Feb 1994 07:18:54 --100

> #!/bin/sh
> http_proxy=
> ftp_proxy=
> wais_proxy=
> gopher_proxy=
> export http_proxy
> export ftp_proxy
> export wais_proxy
> export gopher_proxy
> /usr/local/bin/lynx2-2

Where can I find something about welldefined environment names for
gateway definition. Till now I use WWW_http_GATEWAY to define one for
http gateway and we have implemented a gateway/cache server on base
of NCSAs http-1.1.
Is http_proxy another name, a new name and has it the same funtionality?

What does the client send to the proxy or gateway. For WWW_http_GATEWAY
it was such like
GET /server:port/path
for a URL: http://server:port/path.


PS: We use http-caching for nearly 8 weeks and users won't miss it. I
would be happy if all clients know about a gateway definition.
Till know we use mosaic2.1 and lynx who know that and I miss it in

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