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Wed, 9 Feb 1994 22:57:34 --100

> >While we are on that subject. I would love to see the Within? field
> >logged. There is some field that is supposed to be the URI of the
> >document that contained the requested URI. If we had that logged then we
> >could tell which documents had pointers into our data, and we might be
> >able to inform people who maintain these documents when we move/destroy
> >our own docs.
> I think you are thinkinf of the 'Referer:' field. I send this when
> possible, but do any others? I think lynx does, but I don't recall seeing
> it in a request from Mosaic. It could be extremely useful in the case of
> failed requests.
> -Bill P.
Lynx doesn't send the field yet, (or I would probably have known
it's name :) but I will add the support immediately if I can
get at least one server writer to support it.

One issue I'm not sure of is. What should I send if the user
types the URL in on the command line or with a "goto" command?
Probably not sending the field would work, but maybe
we should be exacting and send something like "User entered"


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