Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1

Walt Drummond (
Fri, 4 Feb 1994 17:22:48 --100

> > I made two change to Guenther's stuff: if the AddHref clause includes
> > a ? in the url, the path to the file is added; and the complete,
> > unaliased pathname is used, not the path relative to DocumentRoot or
> > the alias.
> How exact? As /cgi-bin/unarch? its fine. ->
> /cgi-bin/unarch?<real filename>
> Do you see other things too ?

The AddHref line I'm currently using to test is:

AddHref .tar.Z .gz .zip .zoo

I've also used

AddHref /htbin/unarch? .tar.Z .gz .zip .zoo
AddHref /htbin/ls .tar.Z .gz .zip .zoo

> >
> > It's running on Let me know
> > what you think. Note that I haven't changed the way Directory Index
> I was looking there, but I don't understand:
> How is the AddHref for .Z (is it AddHref / .Z)

Umm, the AddHref line just makes the icon point to the top of my test
server. Nothing fancy. (AddHref .tar.Z)

> > options are parsed. Also, I haven't made AddHref available from
> > access.conf and .htaccess. Do you guys think we need to do that?
> I don't know, but it would be fine if you have parts of the archives
> where you want to interpret files with the same suffix in a different
> manner. I don't see it at the moment but, if isn't a great think it
> gives you more flexibility.

OK, I'll take a look at providing AddHref support in access.conf and

> >
> > I have one question: When LinkIcons is on, how do I make the
> > AddHref'ed icons stand out?? Currently, the only difference is a
> > rather cheezy icon I drew... :)
> Perhaps I don't understand right LinkIcons - I see only the same
> reference on the icon as on the filename. If it is so I could miss
> this feature. I would reserve the Icon reference for a different
> reference as in AddHref.

Right, the problem is that if LinkIcons is ON, you can miss the
special reference (ie: AddHref). My question is do you guys think
there's a way to keep LinkIcons _AND_ special references on the same
page while making special references stand out in some non-annoying
manner? I think the answer is going to be no, but we'll provide
LinkIcons anyway (with AddHref support in access.conf and .htaccess)
and let the service maintainer deal with it.

I'll finish up the code changes today, and hopefully have the patch
off to Guenther late today.


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