Re: Protocol Benchmarking (HTTP protocol)

Dave_Raggett (
Thu, 3 Feb 94 10:09:23 GMT

Henning Schulzrinne writes:

> "Chained"/multiple GETs would also really help with TCP-level firewalls,
> where connection set-up cost are substantial, as well as with international
> links where the three-way TCP handshake can easily add seconds to the
> retrieval of a short document with lots of small images/icons.

We use a simple tcp packet relay mechanism invoked by inetd and find the
setup costs to be minimal. Contact me for further info.

Before we set about support for multiple GETs, browsers should try taking
advantage of "Accept: multipart/related" to request a document and its inlined
images with a single GET. The HTTP standard specifies how to do this now!

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