Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1

Rob McCool (
Wed, 2 Feb 1994 11:27:16 -0600

Now that you guys mention it, I'd like to see the directory indexing more
configurable as well. But I don't want to use four million globals and
config directives to do it...

What do you think of having something like DirectoryOptions? So your
configuration would look something like this:

DirectoryOptions ReadmeTop FancyIndexes IconLinks
IconLinkPrefix /cgi-bin/munge-me

/cgi-bin/munge-me would be a CGI script called with the name of the current
file as extra path information, and munge-me could use PATH_TRANSLATED to
get at the real filename.

For compatibility, I would still support FancyIndexes in srm.conf but it
could be replaced with DirectoryOptions.