Re: Configurable log proposal

Rob McCool (
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 14:58:04 -0600

* Configurable log proposal by Ari Luotonen
* written on Feb 1, 9:45pm.
* How about having a fully configurable log files, something
* that would understand escapes like this:
* Time:
* %a abbreviated weekday name
* %b abbreviated month name
* %d day of month
* %h 12h clock hour
* %H 24h clock hour
* %m month in decimal
* %M minutes
* %S seconds
* %T time as %H:%M:%S
* %w weekday in decimal
* %y year without centuries
* %Y full year
* %Z time-zone
* %% a single %
* %n \n
* %t \t
* %B bytes transmitted
* %U requested URL
* %C client host address

I assume this is a host name if known, and an IP address if the name is not

* %E user email address

Where is this e-mail address coming from? It will either come from the auth.
or from identd, which are both provided below...

* %A authenticated username
* %I remote ident
* %D method
* %P protocol version

HTTP protocol version, I assume?

* ...and what else? I would be happy to implement this. Maybe the %letters
* could be selected in a better way and not respect the ones strftime()
* uses.

I actually tossed this idea around last October. I was wondering if it was
overkill. It will make the statistic collectors more complicated...