World-Wide Web server for Windows NT: beta test version

Chris Adie (
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 11:06:06 GMT

This message is to announce the availability of a beta-test HTTP server
implementation (called "HTTPS") for Windows NT. This software allows a
Windows NT machine to serve information using the World-Wide Web distributed
hypermedia system.

HTTPS version 0.2 is an HTTP/1.0 server which runs as a Windows NT
"Service". Executables for Intel-based systems, and DEC Aplha systems,
are available.

HTTPS is not a World-Wide Web client. Existing 16-bit Windows 3.1 clients
run satisfactorily on Windows NT.

The server may be FTP'd from in the directory pub/https.
There are two ZIP files - one for Intel-based systems, one for Alpha-based
systems. Be sure you download the right one for your processor.


* HTTP/1.0 server which understands HEAD and GET methods.

* Runs as a Windows NT "Service", so that it keeps going even
when there's no-one logged in to the machine.

* Available for DEC Alpha and Intel architectures.

* Much faster than the SERWEB server ported from Windows 3.1.

* Multi-threaded!

* Logs errors using the Windows NT Event Logger.

* Configuration through the Control Panel.

* Configuration information stored in Registry.

* Optionally logs HTTP transactions in the Event Logger.

Additional features are planned for future releases (eg searching

This server has been produced as part of the European Microsoft Windows
NT Academic Centre (EMWAC) project. EMWAC has been set up to support
and act as a focus for Windows NT within European academia. It is
sponsored by Datalink Computers, Digital, Microsoft, Research Machines,
Sequent and the University of Edinburgh.

A Gopher server for Windows NT will be available for beta test shortly.
A WAIS server is also planned.


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