RE: Mosaic Accessories

Fisher Mark (uunet!tcemail!!
Fri, 28 Jan 94 13:06:00 PST

This type of idea is what is needed to move software into the next
generation: where various programs can be combined into compound documents
(to borrow a Microsoft-ism) without respect to the differences between the
programs. Accessories plus a universal network graphics language would
allow a whole new category of programs (can everyone say "killer apps"? :)
for monitoring and exploring information. (For example, a live, graphical
display of traffic congestion between major Internet backbone sites.) As a
long time UNIX user (starting with Version 6 in 1978), I am very happy to
see the idea of multiple cooperating programs extended into the GUI world.
The announcement that OLE and CORBA should interoperate may also be cause
for celebration if it brought off. Here, here!
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