Re: Mosaic Accessories

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Thu, 27 Jan 94 14:24:48 PST


I am not sure if i understand your proposal correctly. But here are some quick
As of now, there are couple of ways you can communicate with Mosaic:

1. One using the remote-control option based on Mosaic taking SIGUSR1 signal. This
may or may not be the right thing, but it exists.
2. I had added a patch to XMosaic-1.2 whereby any number of Mosaic's running over
Wide Area TCP/IP could communicate with each other via IP-Multicast sockets. It
supports point to point communication over UDP/IP sockets as well. (Take a
look at, ).

However, i agree, there should be a comunication channel for other disparate
applications to talk to, say Mosaic, at a higher sematic level. As an example, one can
leave XMosaic running on their machine at work, and use some line mode W3 browser
from home over a slow speed link. The line-mode browser should be able to talk to
Mosaic running at work and get some cool info like "view-source" from mosaic, etc..

It would be nice to see an Interface that will turn Mosaic into a mixer/gateway/
translator for other (non)-W3 info browsers to communicate with. I shall look into your
specific suggestions and respond back soon. Right now, i have to hurry to a meeting...

(Hey, by the way, how about using your CircusTalk stuff....).

  Vinay Kumar