Re: Universal network graphics language

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Thu, 27 Jan 94 11:07:43 PST

Very interesting indeed. Recently i saw a running demo from General Magic's
"MagicCap" UI environment. It seems to do a lot of the stuff mentioned by others
on this list earlier (assuming i understand the emails correctly ofcourse). MagicCap UI
shows a downtown view on the desktop, using a mouse one could navigate (VR style)
around houses, rooms, hallways, libraries, etc...One could customize wall colors, wall
papers, posters, and other artifacts in and outside the rooms. Drag and drop feature is
supported. Linking of objects is thru drag and drop. However i am not sure if linking of
objects over distributed networks is supported. They claim everything in their
environment is an "object" and almost every object could be linked to any other object.
I will recommend everyone on W3 to atleast take a look at this product. (I apologize if
this sounds like infomercial on General Magic's product, certainly didn't mean that way).
In essence, it makes lot of sense in viewing W3 alternatively in a "non-document"
centric manner as well. At this point, i am not sure what is the best way to do
this in W3, certainly W3 is powerful and flexible enough to allow us to accomplish such a thing. Sounds like there is need for a multimedia-scripting-and-synchronization
language (whatever that means....). Shall get back to you on this more after careful
  Vinay Kumar