Announcing: LaTeX2HTML v0.5.3 is available
Wed, 26 Jan 94 20:05:02 GMT

Hello all,

This is to let you know that version 0.5.3 of LaTeX2HTML is now

Other than many bug fixes the main changes since version 0.3.1 are:

+ the ability to include raw HTML in LaTeX
+ the ability to specify conditional text (i.e. only for the
online version or only for the DVI file) in LaTeX
+ justified equations (!!!)
+ better numbering and cross-referencing for equations
+ better facilities for cross references in general
+ handling of LaTeX accents and special characters
+ a mechanism for autoloading code to cope with style files
(at the moment there is code for german.sty, french.sty
and makeidx.sty)
+ a much better looking and configurable navigation panel
on each generated page
+ some more navigation buttons
+ easier installation and a script that tests your intallation
+ several new command line options

The LaTeX2HTML manual has been extensively revised. Among other changes
there are new sections on how to use the new features and on general
troubleshooting. Please try to read them before reporting problems
or before giving up!

You can get the code from the "Getting LaTeX2HTML" section of the
manual which is at:

Another section of the manual contains an installation guide.

Some more details on the differences between versions can be found at
Apologies to those who picked up earlier versions this week.

Thanks to everybody who contributed comments, bug reports, and even
code. Please keep them coming. If anybody else is willing to test later
versions before they are released then let me know.

Any URL's pointing to successfully converted documents would be very
much appreciated.



Nikos Drakos			
Computer Based Learning Unit
University of Leeds