Re: sd access through a WWW server

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Tue, 18 Jan 94 13:54:31 PST

In terms of UI issues, what is the difference between showing a Mosaic
Page full of sd announcements, and seeing the same by cranking up "sd" as
an external viewer. "sd" can take care of starting up appropriate media
tools like vat, wb well. Maybe i am missing something here.

  Vinay Kumar

--------------------------- > From Fri Jan 14 23:01:12 1994 > > One of the other ideas that I've been tossing around is to create an > application/x-sd type in HTTP, which simply passes the sd entry to a > program that does whatever sd would do with that entry - then people > running Mosaic with a proper ~/.mailcap could actually launch multicast > applications by clicking on a hypertext link. > > I prefer application/x-sd to application/x-csh because it allows > the client to decide what application to run for each session type, > instead of forcing the server to make assumptions. > > If there is interest for this as well, I might crank it up a couple of > notches on my priority list. > > Bill >