ANNOUNCE: Announcing EIT's World-Wide Web Server

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh@eit.COM)
Mon, 17 Jan 94 13:48:15 PST

Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) is pleased to announce
its renovated World-Wide Web server of corporate, technical, and network
information. EIT is a rapidly growing R&D and consulting company specializing
in information technology for electronic commerce, collaborative engineering,
and agile manufacturing. Recently, EIT was awarded a U.S. Technology
Reinvestment Program grant to lead the development of CommerceNet,
an $8 million project designed to help Silicon Valley businesses make
use of the coming "information superhighway".
EIT's WWW server contains a broad range of information about the
company, its people, projects, and technologies, and some useful network
resources. Much of it is unique in content or in presentation.
Highlights include:

* a WAIS to HTML gateway,which lets you search the entire
WWW server and then sort the output in a variety of ways,
* a corporate overview and fact sheet, and information about
our location and office (including a 3D-ish interactive
office map),
* pictures and biographies of EIT personnel,
* MBONE and MPEG technical information,
* software archives, including a multicast version of Mosaic
for X, Mosaic remote-control programs, and the latest
version of getsites (a Web server log analyzer),
* information on folk music and Zoomer PDAs,
* Kevin Hughes' Internet resources list,
* public domain Gopher/FTP icons (which are currently used in
Mosaic for X),
* the updated report of Hypertext '93 Web happenings, including
the fixed HTML DTD and more information on Ted Nelson,
* hypertext archives of the Zoomer PDA, www-courseware, and
www-literature mailing lists,
* and much more!

The URL is:

Previous links anyone may have had to MPEG information, getsites,
Hypertext '93 information or the Internet resources list should be changed to:

"Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace" (the
October 1993 version) is available in HTML and PostScript form at:

Getsites is at:

Public domain icons:

Questions involving the site should go to;
questions concerning EIT and its projects should be emailed to

-- Brian Smithson
Hypermedia Project Manager

-- Kevin Hughes
EIT Webmaster