Re: Whitespace

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 13 Jan 94 14:16:57 CST

> > As stated before, HTML documents are intended to be viewed
> > on a variety of platforms in viewers of varying
> > capabilities. Delivering fully formatted documents (let
> > alone multimedia) in a platform-independent format is a
> > very tough problem. But Adobe has taken a crack at it with
> > Acrobat. Instead of trying to get HTML to do things
> > it wasn't designed for, why not deliver a PDF Content-type
> > and spawn an Acrobat reader? Let's leverage the work
> > that has already been done.
> Acrobat isn't free and/or ubiquitous, and Acrobat doesn't provide
> network-wide hypermedia.
> Marc
Right, replica from Faralon is a much better solution! Their
readers are absolutly free and they are willing to work with
the web communtity to add network-wide hyperlinks. (they are
already adding local hyperlinks). It only costs money
to buy a replica document creator, which runs about $50, far
cheaper than Acrobat.

The only problem with replica is that they don't currently
have an Xwindows browser. :( I had heard that they were
talking to NCSA about contracting to write an Xwindows version.


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