Re: HTML icon set was: Additions to the CGI archive

Dave_Raggett (
Mon, 10 Jan 94 10:49:23 GMT

> My suggestion: create a set of entities (&file;, &folder;, etc.) like
> the set that already exists for accented characters (é, ë,
> etc.). If we agree on this, maybe Dave Raggett could add such a list
> to the HTML+ draft?

> Browser developers are then free to display those entities in whatever
> way they like. Either as an "ASCII graphic", a bitmap, or a character
> from a special symbols font.

> Btw. ISO is standardizing the names and approximate look of a small
> set of "desktop" icons. I don't have the drafts here at home, but we
> should definitely use their names.

Sounds good to me. Bert, can you mail me some info on the ISO "icons".
It would be a shame to invent our own entity names when official ISO
names exist already.