Re: <fontsize>

David Koblas (
Mon, 10 Jan 1994 08:47:34 -0800

> Perhaps we should define a <fontsize [1-6]> tag, instead of the <h> tags.

It would be nice, since just today I wanted to do:
<LI><h1><A HREF=...>Some Text</A></h1>
<LI> ...
The results were not what I was expecting, it does appear funny at times
that there is no way to vary the point size. If there was then <H?> tags
would just become <P><em size=?>...<em size=?><P>.

Additionally, though I'm sure this really is beyond HTML+ (is it?), it
would occasionally be nice to specify the COLOR of text and HR lines.
This is partly motivated out of recently noticing a lot of documents
with images for hrules just to make the documents a little more snazzy.
<em color=red>
<hr color=red>