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James (
Sun, 9 Jan 1994 22:30:48 -0800 (PST)

Some tags already do, however, such as headers. If we change this, then
a lot of HTML gets broken. Besides, I think that it does make sense for
certain tags to imply whitespace. I'm under the impression that the <p>
exists for those times when it isn't otherwise evident by the semantic
encoding of the other tags whether there should be whitespace or not.
I'm of the belief that the authors of documents don't have any business
having control over where white space is in a document, because it's
contrary to the principle of giving control over formatting to the
browser. And when people do try to use <p> to force whitespace -- to
take layout considerations into their own hands -- it leads to documents
that look good on the author's browser, but may not on other's browsers.
For example, the NCSA What's New document has <p>'s after every <li>
item, and it looks kinda silly when viewed on Lynx.


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On Mon, 10 Jan 1994, Charles Henrich wrote:

> I'd like to suggest that *no* tags imply any whitespace. If you want
> whitespace, explicitly place a <p> tag in the text. By forcing everything
> explicit, we can be more flexible.
> -Crh
> Charles Henrich Michigan State University