minimal HTML

Kevin Altis (
Fri, 7 Jan 1994 13:16:57 -0800

There are a number of HTML guides on the Web in addition to the HTML
specification at CERN telling users how to create HTML, but whenever I look
at the source of most HTML on the Web, it typically has the form of:

<H1>blah</H1> of the file

That's legal, or at least works with existing clients. The question is
whether it is good style and/or will work with future clients. Also, there
is the issue of teaching new HTML authors good practices and following
those same practices for CGI gateways to archie, oracle... I would like to
propose that the HTML below is probably the minimal HTML file (assuming
mailto: is still okay ;-). HTML Guide writers, people writing translators
from latex, rtf, etc. to HTML, etc. might want to use this. Comments,
additions, tomatoes?



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