Re: HTML icon set was: Additions to the CGI archive

Martijn Koster (
Fri, 07 Jan 1994 09:33:26 +0000

> [Dale offering to have the GNN designers design a set of icons]

That sounds promising :-)

> I recommend that we start with a small list of functions
> (next, previous, up)

plainfile, binaryfile, folder, search, help ?

> how do we get an agreement on such a library?

Well, that's why I want to resolve it with standard URL's. Your client
can then map the standard URL's to whatever icon library you want,
(So you don't need agreement :-) or use internal ones (so it's fast).
And of course, as Frans van Hoesel suggested, clients should make sure
they cache these things.

Pitty I'm not a client writer, then I could stop chatting and implement
something :-).

-- Martijn
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