Re: HomePage URL without a file name.How?
Thu, 06 Jan 94 17:43:12 EDT

It took me a while to figure that one out too. Index.html is the default
name. If you don't have a document named that, it will create a directory
index for you, thus bypassing your intended home page. This is not
documented very clearly. Hope this helps.

Andre' Doles
Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ
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Subject: HomePage URL without a file name.How?
Author: ,"Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (604)721-7729"
<ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA> at SMTP-GW
Date: 1/6/94 4:54 PM

I've noticed that the URL for the home page of some sites, is just the site
eg: the URL for the CERN home page is just ""

I have started running an HTTP server on my VMS system, and I would like to
have my home page defined as above, but I have not been able to find the
appropriate info in the Docs I have.
Is there a default filename that WWW and/or Mosaic look for, when the URL is
just the node name? I have tried naming my home page HOME.HTML, WELCOME.HTML,
DEFAULT.HTML, WWW_HOME.HTML but without any results.
I have no problem reading my home page if the URL contains the filename with
the node name.

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