Re: Additions to the CGI archive

Rob McCool (
Wed, 22 Dec 1993 09:29:18 -0600

* Re: Additions to the CGI archive by Guenther Fischer (
* written on Dec 21, 2:31pm.
* YES - I`ve tried to contribute this with no response. The third try:
* Inline images could be very nice. There should be a small set of
* standardized images to give them to clients as well as to servers.
* Clients could know and include them without tranfers. Servers should
* have them at the server database - the name should be something like
* IMG SRC=/inline/internal-gopher-binary

On the server side at least, in the next release of NCSA httpd the directory
indexing will be overhauled, and with that a default icons directory of
/icons/ will be included in the standard distribution. I am planning to use
the icons from Mosaic for some of them.