Re: ismap functionality...

Alejandro Rivero (
Tue, 4 Jan 1994 13:37:48 GMT

> From: Tony Sanders <>

> Mainly because you forgot to allow for circles, bitmapped objects, arbitrary
> polygons, external spatial indexers, etc. The server can be very flexible
> but the client cannot, any finite client side scheme you implement will
> not be sufficient. HTML+ defines polygon support with <FIGA> but it isn't
> yet implemented anywhere.

Speaking of this, it would be interesting to know if are there currently some
project to implement FIGA. A lot of people is drawing ISMAP maps of
WWW zones, and if FIGA is to be released soon by someone, I feel all
the work on ismap drawings is wasted. Client support is more powerful,
as it would let, for example, click on HyperCard-stile "transparent" buttons.
And a drawing is not really need, as button coordinates would be enought
for the client to draw the "virtual maps"