Re: Authentication in Mosaic

Rob McCool (
Sat, 1 Jan 1994 19:16:42 -0600

* Authentication in Mosaic by (
* written on Jan 1, 7:30pm.
* Some quick questions on the authentication mechanism, at least as
* implemented in Mosaic 2.x. I can't seem to find any specific
* documentation on this subject.
* Does Mosaic 2.x ever stop sending the authentication fields
* to a server, i.e., is the only way to ensure that a session
* is closed to close the window?

I don't believe there is any way to flush the list of server information,
the only way I've found is to exit Mosaic. I remember asking Marc about this
a month ago and there wasn't any way to do it. So, Mosaic will continue
automatically sending the same authentication information for a particular
server when it asks for it until you exit.

* Secondly, how many different servers can Mosaic 2.x authenticate
* to within the same window/process? Is it greater than 1?

The libwww code uses a linked list to store the information about the
servers and therefore it can authenticate to a large number of different