EIT's server redone!

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh)
Thu, 30 Dec 93 17:07:59 PST

The main bulk of EIT's Web site has been redone! The old file
structure is preserved in /usr/local/www.old.
So everyone knows, here is the new file structure in /usr/local/www:

/cookbook - this is "The Webmaster's Cookbook" stuff (in progress)
/demos - old demos and things. If you can't find your old demo,
look in there first. The /asiceda directory has been
/graphics - miscellaneous EIT graphics. For those who wish to include
EIT's logo in your HTML pages, the big logo is "eit.big.gif"
and the small logo is "eit.small.gif". Enjoy!
/maps - the EIT office map/road map. In progress.
/papers - any miscellaneous papers. The top index is papers.html.
/people - individual html files and gifs. The pictures will be
redone later; otherwise edit your own html file to your
heart's content!
/pr - PR material, such as the overview, fact sheet, recruiting
materials, and press releases.
/presentations - presentations folks give. The top index is
/projects - project-related work goes into these subdirectories and
nowhere else! If you can't find your old information, look
in there first. The blurb for each project is titled
/software - the old /software directory, untouched. It could use
some cleaning up.
/techinfo - technical information; the top index is techinfo.html.
/web - web resources and things; the top index is web.html.

eit.home.html - the main page!
whats.new.html - update as needed.

Your own html project-related files should be checked for obsolete
links and graphics, and pointers to files within EIT's web structure from
the outside (for instance, Stanford) should be double-checked also.
Have fun, everyone (and have a Happy New Year),

-- Kev