Re: CGI, semicolons, and so on...

Rob McCool (
Thu, 30 Dec 1993 15:18:12 -0600

* Re: CGI, semicolons, and so on... by Robert S. Thau (
* written on Dec 30, 2:56pm.
* Finally, in regards to 'nph' --- here's a somewhat wooly suggestion: Add
* another possible keyword to the keys that the server recognizes when
* parsing script output, along with "Content-type:" and "Location:" ---
* something like 'Verbatim:'. Then mandate that if the first characters of
* the script's output are "Verbatim:\n", the rest of it will be passed to the
* client unaltered. As far as I can tell, this is backward compatible. How
* about it?

Was brought up in the original nph- discussions... in fact the spec had
something like that for a week or two. The problem is, the entire reason for
nph- is to allow the script direct access to the client without *any* server
intervention... in other words, the server has to know that a script is
going to put out its own header before execution... therefore, the question
was either to make a naming convention or have the server authors add
configuration options. The former was eventually chosen.