Re: CGI, semicolons, and so on...

Rob McCool (
Thu, 30 Dec 1993 13:37:36 -0600

* Re: CGI, semicolons, and so on... by Charles Henrich (
* written on Dec 29, 4:51pm.
* I agree wholeheartedly, my original intent was to make the scheme cleaner and
* allow for a more efficent implementation. the stat() call on local unix
* systems is a waste of resources, and on a AFS system a whole lot of wasted
* resources. (We run AFS all over here)
* My scheme was simply to have the server ignore everything beyond the first
* semicolon found in the URL. That information would then be passed (in any
* number of ways) to the scripts that get called. This format works quite well
* in satisfying the following parameters:

I agree, I think your original proposal was the best yet, I only wish you
had made it a month ago; at the time, I didn't see any problem with what we
were doing.

* > 3) Is this file/script to be executed or treated as text
* The srm.conf file. Or heaven forbid the execute bit on the file, after all,
* unix has been using the EXECUTE bit to mean that the file is EXECUTABLE (go
* figure) for the longest of times..

Yes, but John has already expressed his distaste for putting magic names in
config files for script execution.