CGI Suggestion

Marc Andreessen (
Tue, 28 Dec 93 14:44:16 -0600

Charles Henrich writes:
> I would like to propose that instead of (or if we must, as well as)
> allowing the embedding of information in the path (which is really
> poor!) we should special case the character ';' to mean end of URL
> for the client. This would allow folks to use
> http://machine/documentpath;info that can be passed to programs.
> In the above case the server would return the document
> /documentpath, but keep the ';' information intact for scripts and
> programs. Forcing the server to have to stat each directory level is
> an incredibly waste of resources, and thats doubly so for AFS!

This isn't going to fly as a change for URLs per se; as far as URLs
go, everything after the third slash is opaque, which is as it should
be. So if possible let's at least restrict this discussion to CGI.