What symbol refers to WWW port?

Sergey N. Khorkov. UNICOR System manager (khorkov@UNIVAX.FREE.NET)
Fri, 24 Dec 1993 21:16:36 +0400

Dear friends!

I wrote WWW_UCX.EXE from gatekeeper.dec.com and now have some problem. I
don't know how I can mean connection port. When I insert port number in
http request WWW works ok. But when WWW try to link with second documents I
have a error.

In documentation I read that there is some symbol in system wich describe
this port number. Please, tell me what symbol I must use?

We have a MicroVAX 3100 model 80 with VAX/VMS v5.5-2 and UCX v2.0.

Thank you for help.

Sincerelly yours,
Sergey N. Khorkov
Univercity's Knowledge Network
System Manager.