Re: Attaching docs, Virtual images

Jason B. Bluming (jbluming@chivalry.eit.COM)
Thu, 16 Dec 1993 14:38:59 -0800

>I began by simply trying to return a GIF image from a script. (We're
>using httpd 1.0) A document contains <IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/getgif" ISMAP>.
>The script "getgif" spits out the mime header "Content-type: image/gif"
>then cats a sample GIF image. I can see from the logs that that Mosaic
>is issuing the GETs, but the image load is unsuccessful (I get the default
>NCSA icon). I also tried a script the just issues a "Location: <path>",
>where <path> pointed to the GIF file. Same result. Obviously, I am
>doing something wrong. Can anyone clue me in? Marc? Rob?
>Joel Richardson

I'll pick up the second for you. Your problem seems to be not on the
idea, but on the choice for implementation. While you could try
and force the document down the line, I'd suggest a simple
workaround of having your form action generate a temporary file for
the gif, then return a html page with an <img src> tag to the file.
Your resulting text page will contain the image you want, and to keep
things clean, you can have the "ok" button at the bottom of the returned
page call a script to clean up the gensym-ed (temp named) file.

Granted, there are more elegant ways to work this, however, I did some
brief playing with generating graphs on the fly and found I almost
always wanted text/anchors at the bottom anyway, so why fight to get
around what you will probably use anyway.

Hope that helps.


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