WWW_http_GATEWAY definition?

Guenther Fischer (guenther.fischer@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de)
Thu, 9 Dec 1993 07:18:53 +0100 (MET)

I'm on the way to give www as a base service to our users. All the
unixes with X works fine with Mosaic (thanks to NCSA ...). Mosaic
for Windows too but I need the WWW_http_GATEWAY - feature for
(X)Mosaic - how can I do this or isn't it avialable. (For MacMosaic
the same question).
I've setup a HTTP-Cache-Server for with help of the WWW_http_GATEWAY
feature of Mosaic.

Last: We have many PC's without window - are there good solutions?

~Thanks for help

Name:      Guenther Fischer
Institute: TU Chemnitz, Universitaetsrechenzentrum
Phone:     0371 668 361
mail:      fischer@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de