Re: HTML(+)-editor available?

Steve Waterbury (
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 13:11:36 +0500

Dave Raggett writes,

> I am working to ensure that standard SGML authoring tools can be
> used for HTML/HTML+....

I am just curious for more details on this -- do you just mean that
you are working on making sure that HTML/HTML+ conform to the
SGML standard, or are there other things you are doing (like
talking to the tool vendors, etc. -- which I have done and I
would encourage others to do!).

I recently got the SoftQuad SGML Author/Editor and Rules Builder,
and I hope to use the Author/Editor for HTML/HTML+ authoring.
Does anyone have experience with this? I don't have any specific
problems yet because I haven't installed them yet! ... but I
assume I can just load the HTML/HTML+ DTD's and flail away.

Steve Waterbury
NASA Parts Project Office